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Sunday, 26 November 2017

R+P Post 33: Reflections on my role and contribution during Research and Planning

My role in the project was the same as both of my group members- an equal share of the work overall, while excelling in certain specific areas. My learning curve has also been similar to theirs- while I have done filming projects before, and while I have been part of a music video creation project before, I have never undertaken such a large project with just a group to rely on. The previous filming projects didn't fully prepare me for the music video process, including the research into this area, specialised planning, and music video filming style; nor all the extra work such as the album cover and website. The music video project didn't fully prepare me for the shoot, as I didn't have to plan or set-up the shoot last time, and only had to act in it, without really touching the camera or lighting or anything. Thus, as we proceeded with this project in stages, at each stage I utilised my knowledge and experience from similar steps taken in previous projects, while adapting for all the new challenges, and learnt alongside my group as we went along.

As the work we shared equally was still of course of the upmost importance to the success of the project, with each of our contributions to this burden being necessary for this success, I will share some examples of it.
A picture of me when I happened to be the one using the lighting desk. Click to enlarge.
A picture of me directing, while standing next to the camera. Sometimes I, along with the other members of my group, would both direct and operate the camera. Click to enlarge.
A picture of me setting up the camera at the beginning of that day's shoot. Noa can be seen in the background, also setting up. This was another one of the things we shared equally, yet all made an important contribution to. Click to enlarge.
A picture of me operating the camera, changing the focus while monitoring the screen. Click to enlarge.
A picture of me manually adjusting one of the lights from the ground floor of the set, while working with another group member in the lighting gallery. Click to enlarge.
As mentioned earlier, along with all of the regular work I shared equally with my group, such as doing research, making documents, working on all aspects of the shoot, and so on, I also excelled in certain areas, as did my group members. I thus will now leave out the pieces of work I shared equally with my group members, and just focus on those aforementioned specific areas.

During video research and planning, some examples include...
  • I contributed various tracks and influences and so on. One of my song suggestions, Sweet Dream by Black Cat Zoot, became our chosen song. Some of my influences, such as band New Young Pony Club and music video "Ghengis Khan," ended up being important influences on the respective parts of our project.
  • I created the logo for our record label.
  • I had the idea of using trichromy as a special effect in our video.
  • I provided people who proved useful- for example, I did audience research with people such as my cousins, who fit our audience criteria perfectly, and I got my brother to be in the party scene. This also extends to the other research and planning sections.
  • I created various shots which made it into the final cut, such as the one where Casey jumps and the scene transitions with the jump, and the one where the camera is focused on the hands of the keyboard player.
  • I contributed to the choreography of the fight scene, even while performing in it.
  • I contributed to the style and colour scheme of the video, suggesting various ways we could light different set-ups, even creating some moodboards. Some of these ideas made it into the final plans.
During album cover research and planning, some examples include...
  • I provided various useful influences, such as Fantastic Playroom, and noted many useful conventions- I noticed the border around both the California Nights and Talking Dreams album covers, for example.
  • I created the final rough flatplan after suggesting various ideas and influences myself and working with my group to develop all of our ideas.
During website research and planning, some examples include...
  • I suggested useful influences, such as the website of the band Chvrches, and noted useful and influential conventions, such as a pop-up/start screen.
  • I contribtued to the final flatplan with my ideas, some of which made it into the final version.
During pre-production, some examples include...
  • I wrote up a lot of the timeline, especially the end section.
  • I created various stickynote shots for the storyboard.
  • I filled out a lot of the shootboard, especially in terms of the images.
  • I helped create the screen-test.
  • I contributed to the designing of the promo shots.
  • I created the entire Scorpion costume myself, as well as the elaborate parts of the Sergeant Pepper costume. 
A picture of me working on one piece of the Scorpion costume, as some completed pieces lay nearby, along with the completed shirt and epaulets for the Sergeant Pepper costume. Click to enlarge.
  • I provided various pieces of costume, such as Casey's shirt, Guy's entire outfit, Terence's hat, and more.
  • I helped create and paint various cardboard props- for example I did a lot of painting of the slot machine, and I figured out how to create a lamppost around the pole we already had.
  • I provided various props, such as Hugh's guitar, the 'Alice in Wonderland' mirror, and the sofa pillows.
  • I helped to create various lighting set-ups, as well as organise the sets.
A picture of me saving a lighting set-up I had just worked on, still in my band costume from performing earlier on. Click to enlarge.
During production, some examples include...
  • I performed in a key role as Guy Chapman, a member of the band.
A picture of me as Guy Chapman, getting ready to continue performing. Click to enlarge.
A picture of me in my Scorpion costume, preparing for the fight scene I performed in after having helped choreograph it. Click to enlarge.
  • I took the lead when filming the trichromy shots so that we would have footage we could use to get the effect.
  • I worked on certain shots alone because of how the schedule worked- a lot of the solo shots of Tom performing as Terence, for example, were set up and filmed and directed and so on by me alone, as Noa and Jack had to be elsewhere.
Overall, without the sharing of the burden between each of us in terms of the regular work, as well as the various different areas we all excelled in (some of mine are mentioned here, but Jack and Noa of course had their own,) we would not have been as successful in this period of the project. I think I learnt a lot as I went along, performed my roles well, and made a very strong contribution to the project.

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